Feed Your Neighbor

Help those in need of a little help to purchase healthy, local foods at the Pawling Farmers Market.

In the spirit of positive community engagement, the Pawling Farmers Market has created an initiative called “Feed Your Neighbor” ("FYN"). This program is a privately funded, community-based effort to get locally grown, fresh, healthy food into the baskets of our neighbors in need.

The Feed Your Neighbor Program provides market customers with PFM vouchers and PFM tokens that can be redeemed at any food vendor at the market on a dollar for dollar basis.  Packets of vouchers are distributed at Senior Luncheons at Lakeside Park and the Pawling Resource Center.   Each voucher is valued at $1.  Postcards explaining the FYN Program also are available at the Pawling Resource Center, Pawling Yoga and Wellness and other community locations. Customers can obtain up to $10 each week in tokens at the market table by showing the postcard.  Proof of financial need or residence in not required. 

Pawling Farmers Market and eligible vendors also participate in the New York State Farmers Market Nutritional Program (FMNP) each year. This program generally provides $25 in FMNP vouchers to eligible residents who can apply those funds to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables only.

Patrons of the Pawling Farmers Market are encouraged to contribute to the “Feed Your Neighbor” fund, and all proceeds will be distributed equitably among eligible families and individuals.

For more information and to learn how to donate, click the button below!

The more money we can raise as a community, the more neighbors we can feed.